Developmental Screening

What is developmental screening?

A screening is a quick snapshot of a child’s development and allows families to see:

  • Developmental abilities achieved by most children at a certain age.
  • Quick picture of your child’s motor, cognitive, language, and social-emotional skills.
  • If your child is meeting the appropriate milestones for their age.
  • It’s free.

Why is screening important?

It’s estimated that 1 in 7 children are affected by some form of developmental delays, disorder, or behavioral problem. Only a small percentage are identified as needing help before school begins.

  • By doing a developmental screening, families can check their child’s development and address any potential concerns. Intervention before kindergarten has huge benefits to help set children up for future success.

What are the benefits of screening?

Through the screening process families can:

  • Learn what milestones are age appropriate
  • Celebrate areas of strength in your child’s development
  • Identify any areas where additional support may be needed
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